A Life That Flourishes

A Life That Flourishes

Living an Abundant & Satisfying Life:
Spirit, Soul & Body

Are you struggling in your Christian walk, wondering just exactly what your purpose in life is? Do your efforts and attempts at developing a thriving relationship with the Lord seem fruitless? Do you feel like you’re withering on the inside because you’ve been ignoring the desires of your heart and the whispers of your soul for far too long? Have you neglected taking care of you because you’ve been so busy caring for others?

Then this eBook is for you! A Life That Flourishes will teach you how to:

  • Become established in the Word of God
  • Pray effective prayers that get results
  • Be led by the Spirit of God
  • Develop a vibrant, intimate relationship with the Lord
  • Discover and fulfill your God-given purpose
  • Ignite your creative passions
  • Cultivate the areas of your life that your soul is longing for
  • Create a sanctuary for your soul
  • Develop a fit and flourishing lifestyle
  • Establish life priorities
  • Set and obtain goals that align with your priorities
  • And much more!


Over 150 pages of practical wisdom & advice that you can begin implementing right away.

John 10:10 (AMP) says that Jesus “came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).”

The New Living Translation says, “… My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”

Our lives should be rich and satisfying and filled with the abundance that Jesus came to give us. In other words, you were created to flourish and thrive in every area of your life: spirit, soul and body!

Most of us believe this to be true, but the difficulty lies in how to experience this abundant life. Let’s face it – life can be hard, unfair, and filled with pain and disappointment.

You may not have control over certain circumstances or situations, and you definitely cannot control other people’s actions, but you do have control over you – your choices, your habits, and your actions. You also have control over whether or not you choose to develop in each of these areas and ultimately fulfill the purpose for which you were created.

So…A Life That Flourishes eBook | Flourish | alishagratehouse.com

  • If you could use a jump start to your Bible study time
  • If you need a spark to ignite your prayer life
  • If you have no idea what your purpose in life is
  • If you want to bring joy and contentment to your “everyday” by
    following those gentle whispers of your soul
  • If you want some practical advice and tips on becoming healthy and fit
  • If you want to take control of your life and enjoy abundance in every area

…then I invite you to come with me on this journey.

Jesus came to give you an abundant and satisfying life – a life that flourishes: spirit, soul and body.

It’s time to live that life!


*Due to the nature of this product, there is no refund.

What women are saying:

“Just finished reading the introduction and the first chapter. OMG, I can’t stop reading because I know God is giving me answers to so many feelings I have been pushing back in my life and I need answers. Thank you!” ~ Jo B.

“Just finished your book! It was AWESOME. I am starting my second reading session now with it! Thank you for using your talents to encourage others! You are a true inspiration!” ~ Sandy P.

“Alisha! I must tell you that at this season of my life, this is exactly what I need! I appreciate you and your writing!!!” ~ Kela N.

A Life That Flourishes is phenomenal! … Ladies, you need this book!!” ~ Kayla H.


Q: Is A Life That Flourishes a physical book?
A: A Life That Flourishes is a PDF digital download purchase. The convenient PDF format means you can print it or read it from your computer, iPad, eReader, or even email to your Kindle after you complete the download process.

Q: How can I purchase A Life That Flourishes?
A: Purchases can be made via PayPal by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button anywhere on this page.

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Q: Where is my PDF Digital Download Link?
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