God Said So

God Said So!

God Said So!

31 Bible Truths Every Kid Should Know

Do you want to give your children a strong foundation in the Word of God, but don’t know where to start?

This eBook will help you!

There are certain biblical truths your children should grow up knowing with absolute confidence.

The world will inundate them with many thoughts and ideas, but if the Word of God is firmly established in their hearts, they will be able to separate the truth from the lies.

God Said So! is a power-packed daily devotional that will help you teach your children 31 truths from the Word of God.

This devotional is geared toward kids ages 5 to 12 years old (although it can easily be simplified for younger ones). Want a devo for your teens? How about giving them a Reality Check?


Each day of God Said So! contains:

•   A short, bite-sized devotional on an important Bible truth
•   A scripture to memorize
•   A practical application
•   A prayer

God Said So! will help you establish the firm scriptural foundation your children need.

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Q: Is God Said So a physical book?
A: God Said So is a PDF digital download purchase. The convenient PDF format means you can print it or read it from your computer, iPad, eReader, or even email to your Kindle after you complete the download process.

Q: How can I purchase God Said Sok?
A: Purchases can be made through E-junkie via PayPal by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button anywhere on this page.

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A: Immediately after your secure purchase, you will receive a link from E-junkie where you can download God Said SoClick on that link immediately and download your copy. Then save it to your desktop or a folder on your computer where you keep your other digital download purchases.

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A: If you have made your purchase, received your e-mail from PayPal with your receipt, and after 15 minutes still have not received your link, please check your spam folder. If you still cannot find it, please contact me here.

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A: Yes, I would love to work with you to review God Said So. If you are interested in reviewing and/or hosting a giveaway, please contact me here. You can also join my Affiliate Program here.

Q: Who is Alisha Gratehouse?
A: Alisha Gratehouse met and married her husband, Jason, at Bible college over 24 years ago. They have been in ministry for well over twenty years. She is the mom of three amazing children, Olivia, Alec and Liam, an author, and a mixed media artist. Her days are filled with writing, creating, homeschooling, and drinking tea. She loves painting, antiquing, “cottage-chic” decorating, and English period dramas. Alisha’s desire is to inspire, encourage and empower others to live abundant and satisfying lives (John 10:10). She blogs at Flourish.

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