Flourish Daybook for January


This year, I am beginning a monthly daybook to give you a glimpse of the happenings in my heart, in my head (I’m sorry in advance), and in my home. It will help me remember too. I will try to post it on or around the last day of each month. I hope you won’t mind my […]

Developing Intimacy with the Lord – CALTF Episode 004

Creating a Life That Flourishes Podcast

The Lord longs for an intimate relationship with you! In fact, you were created to be the focus of His love and affection. He wants you. He desires your fellowship. James 4:5 (AMP) tells us, “The Spirit Whom He has caused to dwell in us yearns over us … with a jealous love.” Think about that for a […]

You Are So Loved – Free Watercolor Print

Free Watercolor Art Print - You Are So Loved | Flourish | alishagratehouse.com

I’ve been planning and creating for my upcoming Valentine’s Day Mixed Media Workshop, and it dawned on me that, perhaps, you might like a free print of one of the watercolor pieces I painted. So I digitized this speckled watercolor heart and you can download a free 8×10 print sans the fake pink picture frame. (But it […]

What Is the Difference Between Spirit and Soul? – CALTF Episode 003

Creating a Life That Flourishes Podcast

Many people are only conscious of their bodies and souls because they live more in the sense and feeling realms. And they often confuse their souls with their spirits, thinking they are the same thing. Yet according to the Bible, the spirit and the soul are two separate entities. 1 Thessalonians 5:23 (NIV) says, “May God himself, the […]

New Art Course for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Mixed Media Workshop | Flourish | alishagratehouse.com

Will you be my Valentine? Or will you at least join me in crafting and creating some beautiful heart-themed art pieces? My Valentine’s Day Mixed Media Workshop begins Monday, February 2nd. This will be a mini-course (2 weeks only) with 10 different projects for you to create — and I am shamelessly indulging in three of my favorite things: […]

My Favorite Pinterest Boards for Arts and Crafts Inspiration

arts and crafts inspiration

Wintertime always gives us a fabulous opportunity to cozy up in our homes and spend some time crafting and creating. Since it’s not always so much fun to be out of doors, why not take the time with your children — or invest some time in yourself — and work on that craft project that you’ve […]

What Does It Mean to Flourish? CALTF Episode 002

Creating a Life That Flourishes Podcast

I talk about “flourishing” quite a bit on this blog — I even wrote a book about it. I mean, after all it is the name I believe the Lord gave me. It’s a word that weaves itself into so many areas of my life. But what exactly does it mean to flourish? In this second episode […]

Spellbound: A Collection of Winter Poetry


Baby, it’s cold outside, but I have compiled a small collection of winter poetry for your literary pleasure! I invite you to put the kettle on, then sit down with your kids and a pot of tea in front of a roaring fire and indulge yourselves in the enchantment of winter. (Please click on the title […]

Creating a Life That Flourishes Podcast, Episode 001: Introduction

Creating a Life That Flourishes Podcast

In this inaugural episode of the Creating a Life That Flourishes podcast, I introduce myself and share my heart and vision for this new endeavor. Listen to the podcast here on the site (or download it directly to your computer): Note: If you are reading this in a feed reader or via email, you will need to come to […]

Flourish Favorites – Top 10 Encouragement Posts of 2014

Your Dreams & Desires

Do you need a little encouragement to start your year off right? Then look no further! Here are the Top 10 Encouragement posts from Flourish for 2014. Did you miss any? 1. Your Dreams & Desires Are Important to God What is the dream in your heart? What is the desire that burns within you? […]