Young Living Essential Oils AND Bonus Offers!

Lavender Field

For over a year now, I have been a “closet essential oil user.” However, when my youngest son developed a serious physical condition that steroids didn’t help and that his oculoplastic surgeon said would require surgery (and even then, would probably be a recurring problem throughout his life which would require even more surgeries), I began to research […]

Flourish Daybook for April


I realize I gush far too much about springtime, but what a truly glorious season it is! I love the month of April with so many vibrant colored flowers, lush green trees and lawns, and life thriving all around this part of Georgia. It brings such joy to this Southern girl’s heart! So, here are some of the […]

Personal Growth is Vital – CALTF Episode 017

Creating a Life That Flourishes Podcast

Proverbs 10:14 (AMP) says, “Wise men store up knowledge [in mind and heart]…” One vital way to cultivate your soul is to develop a “lifestyle of learning.” As Christians, we should be continually growing, changing and progressing “from glory to glory.” If we are not moving forward, then we will begin to stagnate. In this episode of the Creating a […]

A Collection of Spring Quotes

spring quotes

In planning for my latest mixed media workshop, Springtime Splendor, I thought you that perhaps, you, my blog reader would like to have some of the spring quotes I’ve compiled for various art journaling and mixed media projects. (There are twenty in all.) These quotes would be wonderful to have your children write out for copywork, add to […]

Learning to Quiet Your Soul – CALTF Episode 016

Creating a Life That Flourishes Podcast

It is essential for mothers to find some uninterrupted time each day, not only for prayer, Bible study and to plan your day, but also time to just be. In this episode of the Creating a Life That Flourishes podcast, I talk about the importance of learning to quiet your soul. Listen to the podcast here on the site (or download […]

Loveliest of Trees: A Collection of Spring Poetry

spring poetry

Springtime is here and the earth is alive with the beauty and majesty of the Lord! All around the world is budding, blooming, blossoming, and buzzing. I invite you to pour yourself a tall glass of sweet iced tea, take a blanket outside on the green grass – or if it’s rainy, stay inside and queue up Vivaldi’s […]

Making Time to Cultivate Your Soul – CALTF Episode 015

Creating a Life That Flourishes Podcast

The Reverend Billy Graham once said, “Women need time to cultivate their souls that, in turn, they may cultivate their children’s lives.”  In this episode of the Creating a Life That Flourishes podcast, I talk about the importance of making time to intentionally cultivate your soul. Listen to the podcast here on the site (or download it directly to your […]

Educational Videos for Children

Educational Videos for Children | Flourish |

Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion. I was compensated for my time in writing this review. For more info, please see my Disclosure Policy. Are you a busy mom looking for a quality company to help supplement learning in your homeschool? If so, Highbrow might be just the […]

What To Do If You Still Don’t Know – CALTF Episode 014

Creating a Life That Flourishes Podcast

If after listening to this series on Discovering Your God-Given Purpose you still don’t know what God’s will for your life is, then just relax. Our Father is so gracious and kind. He will help you along every step of the way. In this episode of the Creating a Life That Flourishes podcast, I will give you practical steps and simple strategies […]

Homeschool Photo-a-Day Challenge on Instagram


Are you a homeschooling mom on Instagram? If so, I invite you to join in with us at iHomeschool Network for our “Photo-a-Day Challenge.” Over the next two weeks we will be posting pictures of our daily homeschool life. What a fun way to get a peek into each other’s day! Oh, and did I […]